Wet shaving is the best!

Even though this ad is embellished, it does reflect the state of a lot of men’ s wet shaving practices. Over the years, men have been sold the idea that the best shave comes from a can of shaving foam. This was born from advanced chemical science that wanted to steer the shaving market toward a faster and more transportable shaving routine. It was a sign of how quickly our society was moving, and how hurried our lifestyles had become, particularly for the Boomer generation. “Time is money” was the mantra.

Things are changing. Lifestyle has become a priority, and time is not necessarily money anymore.  Men want to do things properly. This is why there is a resurgence in good wet shaving practices.

What is wet shaving exactly?

Wet shaving simply refers to shaving your face with moisture, as opposed to dry shaving, which includes electrical shaving devices as well as shaving with a razor without moisture (AY CARAMBA!). There are a variety of ways to wet shave, but the most effective involves a good shaving cream and a badger shaving brush.


A shaving cream has a lot more moisturizing ingredients that makes the skin more flexible and the skin softer so that it does not tear or break. The OM shaving cream for example has shea butter and coconut oil which helps to reduce the shearing effect of the razor on skin cells. This prevents razor burn and gives a more comfortable shave.

So what does the shaving brush do?

The shaving brush helps to exfoliate the skin, giving the razor a better ‘look’ at the hair itself. ‘A clean slice’, so to speak. It also lifts the beard off of the face making each hair stand straight up. This is just how cutting dry grass with a lawnmower is much easier than cutting wet grass. It also ‘hyper-moisturizes’ the beard, making it more flexible and softer. A softer beard is easier to shave than a hard beard.

In the end, wet shaving is returning to what our grandfathers used to do. A good shaving cream, and a good brush can make the world of difference to a man’s shaving routine.

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