The Man Bun

Grow that bad boy out, gents. The man bun, or ‘mun’,  is here and has been taken on by men all over the world. This style has been blowing up all over Hollywood, with such heavy hitters as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto, and Jake Gyllenhaal rocking this signature look. There are several variations of this look, but each one of them takes severe dedication and patience. One of the higher maintenance/easy style variations is taking the sides down short and keeping the length on top, allowing the bun to stay disconnected from the sides. Why this one is considered high maintenance is because for this one to keep its clean look, you must periodically trim the sides down, to make sure it doesn’t start to fuzz out.  This means trips to the barber at least once every two weeks. The upside of this variation is the style time it requires.

All you have to do is wake up, throw a bit of product such as the OM spiker fiber into your hair and brush it back and work it in with your hands to create the bun and throw in hair elastic to keep it up.  A lower maintenance/ higher style time variation is keeping length both on the sides and top, allowing more of a slicked back look, which is most commonly worn recently by Hollywood mega star, Leonardo DiCaprio:

This style does require less maintenance simply because the sides and top are left long; therefore it won’t change the style and look if you leave it for four weeks or longer. Waking up, this style is going to take some time to get into the man bun style. It will be difficult to control the amount of hair that you are working with, and you will find that out during the grow out stage, you will have fly-away hairs that will continually need to be worked with and using some of the OM spiker fiber will be able to control that. This look is perfected when paired with a nicely shaped and groomed beard.

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