Fury Haircut

If most of you guys out there are true men, then I can almost guarantee you were sitting next to me and the 150 other men at the opening of Brad Pitt’s new blockbuster, Fury. One of the main conversations about this film has been about Brad Pitt’s haircut and how well he pulled it off in the film. This hairstyle went very well with the old school, World War II style haircut that a lot of soldiers were sporting at the time. It consists of super tight on the sides and some length left on the top to keep it classy.

Although it is a very basic haircut that doesn’t require any blending from short to long, it needs to be done properly or it will come out looking sloppier than your boots after being in the trenches for 3 days straight. Sectioning the hair is key in this style of cut, it’s important to make sure that you take the top of the hair, around the temple peak point, and make a clear indication where you will be separating it from the sides and continue around the head until you reach the other side. Now make sure that everything is symmetrical around the head, so in a mirror make sure you are lined up evenly on each side so that it doesn’t come out lopsided. Now that you have the top of the hair sectioned and pinned up on the top of the head away from the sides, you can now take your clippers and depending on how tight you want the sides, start bringing down the sides to soldier stubble. I recommend a 1 to 1.5 guard on the sides to really give it the distinction and to closely resemble Brad Pitt’s style in the film.

Popular with the undercut style, and seen with Pitt’s style, is to keep it a bit longer around the lower crown of the head so that when pushed back, instead of flopping over the back of the head, it’s more of a smooth gradual style. To finish this look, I recommend the OM Spiker Fiber, which gives the perfect amount of hold and classic shine to this cut and has it staying strong all day.

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