Men: How to wash your face

Simply splashing water on your face isn’t good enough, guys. If you want to look good, you need to do it right. There’s the way you were taught to wash your face as a boy, but you’re not a boy anymore. And just like you learned the ins-and-outs of shaving, now it’s about time you learn how to wash your face like a man.

And we’re about to do just that.

  1. You should wash your face before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning – a lot of guys don’t do this. It’s especially important to wash your face before you go to bed becuase if you go to bed with a dirty face you’ll be wearing those germs all night long.
  2. Use good, light circular motions when washing. Doing so will prevent excessive oil gland secretion. This will keep your skin oil free.
  3. You don’t necessarily need a foaming soap to wash your face – just something that cleanses well. A great product for men to use would be the OM Jojoba Beads Exfoliant, which can be used about 2-3 times per week in order to get some of the oils out – it’s great for oily skin types. If you have drier skin, only use it once per week.
  4. When you’re done washing, make sure to get rid of all of the excess soap by rinsing with clean water. Then splash your face with cold water to seal up the pores.
  5. To dry your face, make sure to use a clean white towel — try to use a white towel because coloured towels won’t show any dirt that is present. There’s nothing more counter productive than to use a dirty towel on a freshly-washed face.
  6. After drying your face, you’ll want to apply a toner like the OM After Shave Splash (it doubles as a toner, adding moisture back into the skin) and then seal with a moisturizer or balm. The OM Cooling Mask will work really well for this if you have oiler skin. If you have drier skin, go with OM Cucumber Lotion instead.

Additionally, you can also use a gel or serum to help with puffiness or circles under your eyes. OM Facial Serum is definitely better to use at night because it allows the active ingredients more time to absorb into the skin overnight, while the OM Eye Gel can work for either morning or night skin care.

Now that you know how to wash your face like a man, you can take care of your skin just as well as you take care of the other important things in your life. Like a man.