Curriculum Vitae

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Our history:

Steven Bailey, the founder of Uomo Modern Barber, has been in the hair industry since the age of 11. During his summer vacations, he would spend much of his time helping in the family business as an assistant. He would wash hair, sweep the floors, and serve as a general apprentice.  The only time he took off from doing hair was when he went to University to earn a Bachelor of Science. In 2000 he met his future italian bride/business partner.

Together, they moved to Rome, Italy where he perfected his trade under Italian master barbers. This is where his passion for barbering was truly ignited and his skills were honed. When they both returned to Victoria,  Steven started working in a small barbershop owned by Italian master barber, Pasquale Giordano, who took Steven in as a son and prodigy.

In 2002 Steven bought the Haultain barbershop from his mentor and called it UOMO Modern Barber, Italian for Man. He changed the whole concept of the barbering industry in town. He blended tradition with trend. He started pioneering the industry. He resumed the tradition of straight razor shaving using the hot towels, and in 2004 he created the first paraben-sulfate free hair and shave product line made in Victoria.

In 2008 he re-branded the product line and named it ‘OM’, a natural hair / shave product line made in Vancouver. He pursued further with formulation by creating his next line of fun filled shaving creams called ‘Be Cheeky’.

Steven is always re-inventing himself, as he knows that trend is fueled by passion. He has been teaching barbering in Canada and is the first and only barber accredited by the British Barber Association.

Our mission:

We want to create a community where men can feel free to be who they are. Our valuable guests will be able to enjoy and pamper themselves in an healthy and fun environment. We strive to enhance men’s self esteem by grooming them using the best products, offering excellent customer service and an unforgettable experience….Italian style!

Our commitment:

We are committed to the health of our clients, our staff and the environment. This is why we use natural and organic products as much as we can. We donate a portion of our annual sales to animal and environmental causes.

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