How to care for your beard

  No matter where you live, if you have a beard, you need to take care of it. The elements can destroy your beard in Victoria in no time at all. Sun, rain and wind all take their toll on those fragile whiskers you’re trying to grow. So how do you care for your beard? […]

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Badger or Boar

Badger or Boar Shaving Brush   Introduced by the French in the 18th century, shaving brushes have revolutionized the art of shaving. Before they were introduced, men would actually use sea sponges to create that perfect lather. Today, you will find most of the brushes out on the market will either fall under badger, boar, […]

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Flawless Fade

Fades Haircuts     Ask any barber, and they will tell you; fades are one of the most common haircuts that men ask for. Done well, and it will come out clean, smooth and well blended. If done wrong, it can look like you took a dull pair of sheep shears to your own head. […]

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1st Accredited BBA Member in Canada

British Barbers' Association
    Uomo Modern Barber is the first Canadian barbershop accredited by the British Barber's Association. We did this to show our commitment to excellence in the barbering trade.